Thursday, February 22, 2007

Second Life Revolution- Is virtual terrorism terrorism? Is Linden a government?

Man, so many of these stories out of Second Life feel so surreal, but they raise important questions.

People are demanding a right to vote in Second Life, and are turning to violence.

"Cahill saw a bleak future, but he felt powerless to stop them. So he detonated an atomic bomb outside an American Apparel outlet. Then another outside a Reebok store."

The army has staged a number of protests in Second Life to publicize its position. Three gun-toting members shot customers outside American Apparel — bullet wounds in Second Life are not fatal but merely disrupt a user's experience — and Reebok stores last year.Then they stepped up the campaign, exploding nukes, which manifested themselves in swirling fireballs that thrust users at the scene into motionless limbo."

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