Sunday, March 23, 2008

ugh now I need brain bleach

"She chooses gold nail polish to match the gold embellishment on her Bratz T-shirt — she's always looking for ways to accessorize. A stylist paints her nails amid the noise of a birthday party.Blue eye shadow, a little bright pink blush and some shimmery lip gloss and its time for the big moment."
from this article

This is hideous beyond all reason. I came across the company in an article on CNN about how with the economic downturn, mall stores are repositioning themselves to provide services and experiences rather than just selling stuff, and when I saw this, I thought, well, here we go again with forcing girls to think pink. And whorishly. Blech.

Some of their party options include:

All Dressed Up and Runway to Go
Rockin' Pop Star
Perfect Princess
A Night on the Red Carpet
Sleepover at the Spa
Popular Party Add-Ons

"First impressions: Think of a beauty salon crossed with a Claire's Accessories mixed with a Chuck E. Cheese for girls dropped into the middle of a Teen Beat magazine. Long pink limousines stretched in front of this strip-mall shop -- part of a 26-store national chain of beauty salons for kids. My daughter asked if she could ride in one. I said that it might only be for birthday parties. Indeed, it was for one of two birthday parties that had just finished at this unrelentingly perky and girly salon...

We walked in and told them about our manicure appointment. "You must be Miranda," the nice lady said. "Heather will be taking care of you today."

We walked over to the manicure and pedicure area with its soft, curvy green and orange booths and booster pillows that give a lift to shrimpy kids like my 4-year-old daughter...

To pass the drying time, Heather suggested Miranda have a walk on the runway (yes, there is a mini runway for future models) in the middle of the room. We also browsed the store for purses, custom-made lip glosses, mini makeup sets and many hair accessories. Miranda chose a little pink bow attached to a clip that cost almost $8..."

Sweet Jesus.
LINK to revolting article about hideous place.
LINK to terrifying homepage of this freaking company

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Jessica said...

Hi Lexi! Like your new blog! I really hate how people think it's appropriate to turn their little girls into little trollops. Certainly puts a hold on the women's movement (says she of the stay at home moms). I am actually guilty of painting Peanut's toenails. She likes orange.